Neugaba 75mg (Pregabalin)

Active Ingredient: Pregabalin
Indication: Neuropathic pain, Epilepsy/Seizures and Fibromyalgia
Manufacturer: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Packaging: 10 Capsules in srip
Strength 75mg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Neugaba 75mg (Pregabalin) - 75mg

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What is Neugaba 75?

If you are suffering from neural pain caused due to the complications caused due to nerve disorders, or severe diabetes, consider taking Neugaba 75.

It is a medicine prescribed to patients suffering from neuropathic pain caused due to extreme diabetes, shingles known as the herpes zoster infection, or even injuries sustained on the spinal cord.

Taking this medicine manufactured by Sun Pharma Ltd. will help you to get cured of the pain caused due to muscle aches and stiffness that might be associated with fibromyalgia.

It can also help treat seizures that the patients associated with the above-mentioned disorders might experience regularly.

Why You Need Neugaba 75!

You need the Neugaba 75 pills for curing the various complication disorders when you are suffering from neuropathic pain caused due to nerve disorders, spinal cord injury, seizures, and shingles.

It comes under a group of medicines called anti-epileptic medicines and is used for treating various types of seizures. Taking the Neugaba 75 pills with other medicines to cure your underlying disorder can also be an option but it requires the approval of a doctor so that there are no chances of you suffering from contra indicatory side effects of the two medicines.

The Use of the Neugaba 75

The uses of the Neugaba 75 pills are briefly described below-

Diabetic neuropathy

If you are suffering from severe diabetes then you might experience severe pain in the arms, fingers, legs, and toes. The Neugaba 75 pills are used for providing relief from such pain.

Postherpetic Neuralgia

Here you might suffer from pain in the nerves caused due to herpes infection virus. This is commonly called shingles.


This type of disorder is also associated with the nerves but using the Neugaba 75 pills will cure you of the seizures that are complications developed due to the epilepsy disorder.


If you are suffering from extreme tiredness, or pain in the joints, or even suffering from regular lack of sleep then using the Neugaba 75 pills will help you to cure the pain associated with Fibromyalgia.

Neuropathic pain

In some cases of nerve disorders, the nerves get damaged severely. This can be treated using the injuries sustained to the nerves using the Neugaba 75 pills.

Suffering from severe anxiety

Anxiety disorder is a regular disorder for those suffering from extreme levels of anxiety. This can be treated using the Neugaba 75.

What is The Right Neugaba 75 Dosage?

The right dose for Neugaba 75 should be prescribed to you by a doctor. For general use, your doctor can ask you to take a pill in case you are suffering from severe neuralgic pain daily or in case only when you are suffering from such pains Other Dosage is Neugaba 150.

But in case if it is already too late then take avoid it entirely and take the next dose on time.

What Happens if you take too much Pregabalin Neugaba 75?

In case of an overdose of the active substance Pregabalin, you can suffer from side effects.

For those patients who are allergic to the active substance Pregabalin Neugaba 75 pills then you can experience severe side effects.

In case of an overdose have an action plan in advance or else talk to the doctor if required. Inform them immediately once you have taken an overdose of Pregabalin Neugaba 75.

What Precautions Are Required With Neugaba 75?

As mentioned above that if you are allergic to Pregabalin Neugaba 75 pills avoid taking it and consider talking to the doctor for alternative means of treatment.

Talk to the doctor if you are already pregnant or intend to become pregnant as taking Pregabalin Neugaba 75 pills is not recommended at such times.

For patients with impaired dialysis dysfunction of the kidneys, taking the Neugaba 75 pills should be administered with caution.

Sudden mood changes must be taken care of. People can also experience depression and anxiety after taking the medicine.

Sudden stopping of the active substance Pregabalin can cause withdrawal symptoms. Stop taking this medicine by lowering the dose over some time.

Taking this medicine over longer periods can cause heart blockages or improper beating of the heart. Keep regular touch with the doctor and go for timely heart tests.

Similarly for those who are over 65 years of age using the Pregabalin Neugaba 75 pills can cause severe and potentially disastrous side effects.

What are the Possible Neugaba 75 Side Effects?

Here are some of the side effects of Neugaba 75 Pregabalin-

Breathing difficulty

Tightness of chest


Swelling of the face


Blurred vision


Dry mouth


Sustained high temperature

Mood disorders such as severe anxiety and spiraling into depression, and even suicidal thoughts

Pain in the joints

Insomnia or lack of sleep at night

Where to Buy Neugaba 75 Online?

You can buy the Neugaba 75 medicines containing generic Pregabalin from Sun Pharma’s website online or check out the other online medicine selling portals. You need to check and assure the quality in case you are buying it from the other online portals apart from the Sun Pharma website.

How Does Neugaba 75 Work?

For treating seizures generic Pregabalin works by inhibiting the abnormal electrical pulses generated in the nerves. For curing neuralgic pain and fibromyalgia it causes entire blockage and suspension of the electrical signals generated in the brain and its transmission. Thus the patient does not feel the effects and pain sensations.

For treating mood disorders and anxiety disorder it stops the synthesis of certain chemical messengers generated in the brain thus avoiding any anxiousness.

How to Take Neugaba 75?

For general instructions take generic Pregabalin containing Neugaba 75 pills as recommended by the doctor. This pill is only intended for swallowing and thus you should not chew, break, or crush the medicine.

As general small precautionary measures try taking the medicines when you are at home only as some side effects are headache and dizziness. Avoid doing an important activity that requires you to maintain constant focus.

Neugaba 75 Storage Conditions

General storage instructions include avoiding areas that are highly humid, wet, or severely cold. Do not keep the medicines in a deep refrigerator.

This can cause medicines to freeze completely. Also, avoid keeping it in areas where children and pets at home can easily get access to.

Keeping it under normal room temperature is considered to be the best.

Neugaba 75 Reviews

Neugaba 75 pills have received mixed to positive reviews. Most patients who have used it as per the doctor’s recommendation have got good benefits. The side effects of the medicines can be many so keep in regular touch with your doctor and don’t switch the regular dosage unless asked by the doctor.

The prices of the medicines are affordable in the long run and are comparable to the other brands containing generic Pregabalin as well.

The instances of severe side effects were only in cases where the patient had unknowingly taken medicine and was allergic to Pregabalin.

Neugaba 75 Capsules

Neugaba 75 pills are swallowing type oral pills used for curing seizures, neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, and shingles.

Why Buy Neugaba 75 From Us?

As mentioned above that your priorities while buying Neugaba 75 generic Pregabalin should be to get the best quality medicines at the cheapest prices. As we give you both, consider buying generic Pregabalin Neugaba 75 pills from our online portal.


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