Sex after Prostatectomy - Healthy Sex Life after Surgery

Sex after Prostatectomy – Healthy Sex Life after Surgery

Prostatectomy is changing the lives of men for the better. But, is it imposing any complications on intimate life thereafter? Can you enjoy sexual intimacy with your partner like you used to do before? Does it snatch away the romance from your bedroom forever? Let’s have all this answered.

What is a Prostatectomy?

Prostatectomy is a surgery in which a part of the entire prostate gland is removed from the male’s body. The prostate gland is a part of the male pelvis located below the urinary bladder. It is surrounded by the urethra that carries urine from the bladder to the penis.

This surgery is carried out for treating prostate cancer in men. Additionally, it may be performed for solving health issues like benign prostatic hyperplasia i.e. prostate enlargement.

Prostatectomy and Sexual Issues

Though prostatectomy is performed for eliminating health issues from the male body, it may bring-in some sexual performance issues. Men may find it difficult to attain harder erections (Erectile Dysfunction) or ejaculate normally.

This makes men wonder if they can ever enjoy sex after prostatectomy. Prostatectomy may alter the sexual experience for a while, but such effects could be temporary. Some men can have satisfactory climaxes by making a few lifestyle changes or opt for medical treatments to improve the conditions. However, such experiences vary from person to person.

How does prostate surgery affect you sexually?

The major role of the prostate gland is to produce and secrete semen in males. When this entire gland or a part of it is removed after prostatectomy, alternations in ejaculations will likely be experienced. But, this does not make you impotent. You can still produce semen.

Impotence and erectile dysfunction (ED) after prostate surgery

If you experience impotence or erectile dysfunction after prostatectomy, you’re not alone. It’s normal for anyone who has undergone the same surgery as you. It may take some months or years for some men, while some may lose their confidence if they can ever feel erections again. ED medications like Cenforce, Vidalista, Fildena, etc can be helpful, but they should only be used after consulting the doctor.

While performing sex after prostatectomy, some men can reach orgasms, but ejaculation seems difficult. It could happen because of the nerve damage caused by the prostatectomy surgery during the procedure. Thus, recovery is a slow procedure and so sexual functions cannot be felt normalized overnight.

How to Maintain Your Sex Life after Prostate Surgery?

Prostatectomy aims at eliminating health issues because of the prostate gland. Even if the entire prostate gland is removed, satisfactory sex can still be enjoyed. You should prepare yourself as well as your partner while engaging in sex after prostatectomy. Take them into confidence and discuss if you have to take ED medications, erection-promoting devices, or you need penile rehabilitation exercises for keeping the penis stimulated and healthy.

Don’t forget to consult your healthcare provider before making any such lifestyle changes. You’ll get to know if better ways to restore your sexual health and enhance sexual functions after this surgery.

Medical Treatments

Some popular ED drugs like Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, etc may be prescribed to men who have undergone prostatectomy for improving the blood flow in the male genitals. These oral pills will help just in case if your nerves aren’t damaged after the procedure.

Alternatively, you may seek medical guidance if you can use a penis pump for keeping erections. Many supplements are also available to stimulate sexual desires in men. However, taking them without medical observance could be dangerous.

Final Thoughts

The very first thing after undergoing prostatectomy is to talk to your partner. Share your fears and expectations when it is about sexual intimacy. Instead of making assumptions that your significant other will understand, let them know what you’re feeling at the moment. Though it may sound basic, when they deserve to know your sexual desires and fantasies, they should know this too.

As seen above, it is easy to experience orgasms even if you cannot reach the ejaculatory stage. So, get indulge in sexual activities like kissing, touching, oral sex, and anything that you both enjoy equally. If nothing seems to work, feel free to consult a sex therapist.

Finding a way out is essential. It will save you from mental suffering and physical guilt.


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