Sexual Performance Anxiety, Causes, Treatments

Sexual Performance Anxiety, Causes, Treatments

Sexual Performance Anxiety, Causes, Treatments

Men often worry about their prowess in bed, and they take pride in being able to give satisfaction to their partner in bed.

But if the focus shifts from getting mutual pleasure from the process of lovemaking and only getting worrying about being adequate enough in bed, then a person may be suffering from sexual performance anxiety.

What are the Potential Causes of Performance Anxiety?

There are various things that can cause performance anxiety among which lack of sexual experience can be a common one.

People who haven’t taken part in lovemaking or don’t have enough experience in making love often feel anxious about how they are doing in bed especially if their partner is more experienced than them.

Factors such as body image issues, lack of self-confidence, and even stress can cause performance anxiety in a man and adversely impact his sexual performance in bed.

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Symptoms Indicating Performance Anxiety in Bed

If you are suffering from performance anxiety, you may observe the following symptoms:

Fear of Initiating Physical Contact with Your Partner

If you are suffering from performance anxiety, it is possible that you may be afraid of coming physically close to your partner and even avoiding situations where you may have to take initiative to make love to your partner.

Lack of Interest in Making Love 

Performance anxiety may also affect your sexual drive and your libido and may decrease your desire to make love to your partner.

Premature Ejaculation

This is a recognized sexual dysfunction and men who suffer from performance anxiety often report suffering from premature ejaculation which actually makes a man’s performance bad in the bed.

Erectile dysfunction

Just like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction is also a common and well-recognized sexual dysfunction that can happen to a man.

Absence of Pleasure or Orgasms from the Lovemaking Act

Men who suffer from performance anxiety are so afraid or nervous that they are unable to get any pleasure from the act and are not even able to establish a deeper connection with their partner.

Combined with other factors such as low sexual drive, fear of being intimate with the partner, a man may have weaker erections and even suffer from erectile dysfunction.

These symptoms of sexual performance anxiety can make a man’s love life difficult and unfulfilling but these symptoms can be treated with medications such as Cenforce 100, Cenforce 200, and other types of treatments.

Treatments for Dealing with Performance Anxiety Successfully and Enjoying their Sexual Life:

Treat the Root Cause of the Problem

There are various things that may be causing the performance anxiety and knowing the root cause gives you a sense of clarity as to what to do to get relief.

For instance, you are afraid of making love to your partner because you are suffering from sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation then medications such as Super P Force will be able to give you relief from your medical conditions and feel more confident about your sexual functions. This will in turn make you feel more confident and sure of yourself in bed which can reduce the symptoms of performance anxiety.

If you have other concerns such as lack of experience then sharing it out with your partner will help in adjusting the expectations. Often young men have seen lovemaking in erotic movies which are often realistic depictions of sex and thus may cause them to feel inadequate in their own love life. But talking it out with your partner or a counselor if the problem is too deep will help in reversing the cause of performance anxiety in bed.

Reduce Stress and Connect With your Partner Outside the Bedroom

Stress can elevate the symptoms of conditions such as erectile dysfunction and even cut down the effectiveness of medications such as Fildena 100 and Vidalista 20 by making it difficult for the man to feel adequately aroused.

You can meditate, listen to relaxing music and even sip some wine to wind down if you feel stressed before making love to your partner and spend time with your partner participating in foreplay so that you start feeling comfortable before the main act. Please go easy on drinking and don’t add anything strong as that can induce erectile dysfunction if taken in excess.

Exercise can also be a natural treatment of sexual performance anxiety as it improves the symptoms of the male sexual dysfunctions and even improves a man’s stamina to last in bed. It also helps improves a man’s sexual drive by raising testosterone levels, and even realizing stress-busting chemicals in the body.

If your condition persists even after trying these solutions and treatments, you may require a more extensive treatment that your doctors will help you with.


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