how to ride dick like a pro

How To Ride Dick Like A Pro

Lovemaking is an act of personal union between two people who want to enjoy physical intimacy with each other.

There are many different ways and positions to make love when they are making love to each other, and traditionally, the male partner was assumed to be the dominant one who initiates the act of love, takes lead, and takes responsibility for the physical pleasure of the partner.

But times have changed, and more and more women are enjoying sexual freedom and expressing their physical love by taking lead in the bedroom and learning new ways to pleasure their partner in new ways.

Usually, when people make love, the man is on the top, while the women play the bottom, but for a long time, women have been taking control in the bedroom, and being on top during the act of lovemaking is one way to do it.

There are many ways to do this, but learning how to ride dick is one of the best girls in top sex positions.

Learning how to ride dick is important for many women because everything new takes some kind of practice and lovemaking is not something that you can learn simply by reading about it.


The idea of attempting to learn or practice how to ride dick can be daunting at first, and if you are not comfortable with it, or being forced into doing it due to peer pressure or influence, then you don’t have to do it at all or take things slowly at first.


But if you want to steam things up in your bedroom and want to know the secrets as to how to ride dick like a pro then there are a few things that can help.

Get Comfortable With the Idea of Taking Control in the Bedroom


Before you learn how to ride your man in the position of your dreams, you will first need to get comfortable with the idea of taking the lead in the bedroom.


Many women spend years letting their husband take the lead that they have no idea as what to do when they are on the top, and not being good enough or lacking experience in knowing different ways to ride dickthey begin to feel doubtful about their beauty, their attractiveness, and even their sexual prowess.


So before learning how to ride a guy during your act of lovemaking, get comfortable with the idea of taking control in bed, and comfortable in your own skin, know that you are as much capable of giving sexual pleasure in bed as you are in receiving it.

Talk it Out with your Partner


While making love, it is important for both the partners to be on the same page so if you are planning to be on top and want to know how to ride dick well and turn on your man then you should communicate with him about him.


Ask about the things he likes doing in bed, and if you should go slow or increase the speed, or change positions. Also, some men like to stay on the topmost of the time so make sure that you both have the same idea about lovemaking. 


Make love in settings that are comfortable for both of you


If you want to practice how to ride your man so that both of you get maximum pleasure then don’t start in an unfamiliar location. Try to make love in the comfort of your bed and you can even start your lessons on how to ride your man with the lights off.


When the lights are off, both of you will be more comfortable with your bodies and it will help till you develop the skill the confidence to make love while both of you are comfortable enough to make love with the lights on.


Being on top can be an empowering experience for many women, and it can even heat up the chemistry between you and your partner, but learning to do it right can take some time, some tact, and practice. 


So if you want to switch things up in the bedroom, take it slow, riding a man is definitely a good position to add to your sex life, and you can experiment with more as long as both partners are willing and consensual adults.


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