Enjoy Better Sex Life & Gain Back Control over Your Love Life

Enjoy Better Sex Life & Gain Back Control over Your Love Life

Healthy sex life is an important part of romantic relationships for humans such as long-term commitment to a partner, a live-in relationship, or marriage.


Most people have sex or make love to each other for a variety of reasons, such as the desire for a child, or for relieving stress or expressing love, or even to improve the connection and intimacy between each other.


But often things go a little cold under the bedsheets and a variety of reasons can make things worse such as stress at work, conflict in the relationship, or even physical issues such as a hormonal imbalance in women or erectile dysfunction in men.


But did you know that you don’t have to suffer as there are ways that improve your sex life?


Yes, there are countless ways to have better sex life by making a few changes in your life, and a few of which we will explore here.

 Make it a Point to Participate in Dopamine Inducing Activities with your Partner

Have you come across dating advice that encourages you to try activities that add excitement for your first dates?


That’s because when we do something exciting such as going on an unexpected road trip, making love in a new place, or trying anything new that causes the release of the chemical messenger dopamine in our body, then we associate the good effects of dopamine with the presence of our partner.

And it boosts the physical attraction between us and even improves our sexual drive which directly leads to better sex life.

Learn More about Your Partners Desire to Have a Better Sex Life

When things are new, it is easy to have a satisfying sexual life with your partner because everything is more pleasure-giving when it is a novelty.

But when two people become familiar with each other’s bodies and have been having sex like a chore rather than a privilege or a delight, then things need to change.

The first step to change the state of your sex life and bring more passion to your bedroom is to start making things outside the bedroom. You can start doing this by taking exclusive intimate vacations with each other or even spending more time together at home. Putting yourself in close proximity to your partner and regularly touching your partner such as holding hands, kissing, hugging, cuddling, or even giving your partner a full-body massage or even a foot massage can create small sparks throughout the day which raise the heat up in your bedroom activities.

You can also discuss each other’s fantasies and try to act them out if they are doable and both of you consent for it. Don’t do things just for the sake of pleasing your partner if you are not comfortable with any fantasy of your partner.

How to make your sex life better if you are dealing with sexual dysfunctions?

Sexual dysfunctions can be physical or mental conditions that prevent people from having a healthy, fulfilling a pleasure-inducing sexual life.

Both men and women can suffer from sexual dysfunctions, and even if you are gender fluid or don’t identify with either of the genders or have a sexual orientation that does not fall under the usual categories, even then it is possible to suffer from sexual dysfunctions.

Men and people with the penis may suffer from a sexual dysfunction known as erectile dysfunction which was primarily considered a male sexual dysfunction in the past.

It can be treated through therapy and counseling if the root cause is psychological and medications such as Vilitra 20 and Cenforce 100 which are prescribed by the doctors for getting temporary relief from this sexual dysfunction.

Medications such as Fildena 100, Cenforce 200 contain the drug Sildenafil citrate which also treats Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) in women along with being an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction in men.

You can talk to your doctor about your specific condition and see if you need to see a counselor or sex therapist for improving your sexual functions.

The bottom line is that sexual functions can be improved upon with the help of medications, personal lifestyle changes, and building a deeper connection with your partner.

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