A Realistic Guide to Safer Sex During COVID-19

Safer sex is possible during the COVID-19 times as well if you are ready to take a few more precautions for the safety of your health.

A Realistic Guide to Safer Sex During COVID-19

Making love to your partner, husband or wife is a physical expression of love, but when the whole world is practicing physical distancing as much as it can, many people wonder if they can engage in sexual activities without risks.

But the fact is that in the current times, even before the Covid-19 pandemic hit us, we were all advised to take proper precautions before, after, and while engaging in any kind of sexual activity and enjoy safer sex.

This is still important as when we engage in sexual relationships we put ourselves at risk of various infections or sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

Due to the risks involved with sex, there are multiple types of protection tools and medications available to us such as condoms, contraception pills, and people are advised to have regular check-ups to ensure that they are not infected by any sexually transmitted diseases and these things make it possible for us to enjoy safer sex.

There are various types of other precocious to take, such as ensuring that the protection tools you use such as condoms are not damaged in any way, or talking about each-others sexual health status before engaging in the act of lovemaking.

What is Safer Sex?

When people take different types of precautions based on their personal preferences in order to keep themselves safe from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy, then they are said to be practicing safer sex.

Safe sex is almost impossible and none of these measures give absolute protection and even regular screening for any sexually transmitted disease does not identify an infection immediately.

If you want to have absolutely safe sex, then you might as well have no sex but being prepared with precautions and being proactive for your sexual health certainly and engaging in safer sex helps you enjoy a healthy sexual life.

Sexual Activities During the COVID-19 Pandemic are even Riskier

As the COVID-19 virus spreads through close proximity between people, most people are trying their best to stay safe by maintaining the necessary distance between people and practicing various ways to prevent any infection.

So many people are wondering if they can make love safely especially if they don’t live together with their partner.

Now, COVID-19 infection is not considered to be a sexually transmitted disease, but because people who come in close proximity of the Covid-19 virus, as the act of lovemaking requires two people to be extremely close to each other physically, there is a risk of being infected.

Safer Sex During COVID-19 Pandemic

Safer sex is possible during the COVID-19 times as well if you are ready to take a few more precautions for the safety of your health.

We have already established that COVID-19 does not cause sexually transmitted diseases, but the number of precautions that you may have to take for safer sex changes during a pandemic during which the infection spreads through spit, cough, sneeze droplets, and even though the air.

Before we bring COVID-19 in the picture of your sexual health, first you will have to be sure that you are currently not suffering from any sexually transmitted diseases o that you don’t infect someone accidentally.

Just how regular tests are necessary for identifying sexually transmitted diseases and seeking proper treatment, you will also have to ensure that you and your partner do not have the COVID-19 infection before you come into close proximity with each other.

Once you ensure that both the questions are clear, you can make love as you please along with using the necessary precautions such as condoms and medications such as contraception pills for women.

Men can easily use medications such as Fildena 100, Cenforce 200, and Cenforce 100 if they suffer from sexual dysfunction, as they don’t have an increase or decrease the chances of sexually transmitted diseases or COVID-19 infection in any way.

How can I make safer sex easier?

There are various ways to enjoy a healthy and satisfying sexual life during the pandemic and if you are quarantined alone without your partner there are virtual ways to get things heated up in your love life.

Phone sex, sexting, and even video sex can be enjoyed as long as both the people consent to it and are willing to engage in it.

If you live with your partner ensure that you are taking the necessary precautions to protect yourself from infection and even unwanted pregnancy.

If you want to keep yourself safe sexually and even ensure that you don’t get infected that refrain from initiating any sexual activities with someone who does not share the status of their sexual health with you. Avoid going too close to strangers and take the precautions that are advised to keep yourself safe from any infection, sexual or otherwise.


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