how to last longer in bed

How To Last Longer In Bed & Add Extra Oomph To Your Love Life?

Lovemaking is an act of passion, deep joy, and meaningful connection with your partner, and just like everything else, the quality of your lovemaking reflects in other areas of your relationship.

If your partner has her mind blown in bed, it is very likely that you will have an amazing married life that brings joy and happiness for both of you.

It is easy to make love frequently and with a ferocious tenacity when the relationship is young and budding, but maintaining the passion or even experimenting to break down the monotony that goes on in your bedroom can be difficult for many men.

But there are various ways to break free from the monotony of the quick and unsatisfactory acts of love.

How to Last Longer in Bed Naturally and Have a Deep & Meaningful Connection with your Partner:

Create the Right Setting:

If you making love in the same room for many months or years, jazzing the location details a bit can likely be the answer to the question as to how to last longer in bed.

The best way will be to try sleeping in and making love to your partner in a different room, create a romantic setting that will tickle the heartstrings of your partner, and make use of items that can set the mood right for you as well as your partner. Items such as dim lights, scented candles, flowers, and some aphrodisiac food items such as strawberries and chocolates are a classic way to increase the pleasure that you offer yourself as well as your partner.

If you are feeling rather adventurous, you can also go out for a small stay-cation in a luxurious hotel that offers you freedom from the chores or kids that surround you all the time at home.

The quality, as well as the duration of your lovemaking, will improve a lot if you make sure that the setting is specifically chosen to please your partner in bed without any hurry or distractions.

Prolong the Foreplay and Get Creative during the after play

The act of loving making involves a lot more than penetration, but most men simply do not spend enough time on foreplay and after play, and hence they are constantly worried as to how can I last longer in bed.

Foreplay involves loving your partner and expressing it through hugs, caresses, and kisses, put passion in your embraces to make your partner actually feel the passion that you feel for them and the desire you experience for making love to them.

Spending more time on foreplay makes your partner feel loved and cherished as not rushing towards the act of penetration indicates that you want to spend more time making love to them in bed and that you appreciate their whole body, not just their private parts.

It also builds the anticipation for the main act for them as well as you, and the more both of you want it, and the better the pleasure will be.

After-play is as important towards pleasurable lovemaking, and it also makes the act of love longer by putting pressure on both partners.

Afterplay can simply involve holding each other together, cuddling, or even falling asleep while holding hands.

How to last longer in Bed by preparing your body for performing for a long time in bed?

There are various ways you can actually train your body to increase your lasting capacity in bed, and exercise and physical activities work best for improving your overall sexual health.

When you exercise, you keep the blood circulation of your body flowing well and good which keeps your body healthy. It also helps with maintaining a healthy body weight and staying in shape. We are subconsciously hardwired to find fit and healthy people more attractive so exercise can indirectly increase your attractiveness in your partner’s mind, which will enhance the please that he or she derives from making love to you.

Exercise also boosts testosterone levels in your body and develops your physical strength will which be useful to make passionate love to your partner.

There are certain yoga poses, as well as exercises such as Kegels and Pilates which are specially done for improving your sexual functions and making you last longer in bed.

How to last longer in Bed by Preparing Your Mind for it?

Lovemaking is a package deal, it is not just about pleasuring your body, and lasting longer in bed involves sensual as well as emotional pleasure.

You have to set your mind that you want to make love to your partner in such a way that gives him or her pleasure for a long while, and you can do this by practicing mindfulness.

Mindfulness in the relationship involves staying physically as well as emotionally present whenever you are spending time with your partner, be it in bed, or while doing chores with your partner in the kitchen.

Mindfulness allows you to appreciate your togetherness with your partner, as well as the joy that is available to you by sharing life with your partner.

Apart from mindfulness, you can also try various breathing exercises which will help you in various ways by calming you when you feel instant arousal for your partner which could lead to quick orgasms.

Professional Medical Help Can Also Help in Making You Last Longer in Bed:

There are times when no matter what you do, your love life may not be improving at all, but there’s still hope for you.

There are certain medical conditions that may be depriving you of enjoying the acts of love to their fullest potential. Past sexual abuse, constant fights in the relationship, intimacy issues, and conditions such as premature ejaculation can also be the reason behind your short timings.

But thankfully, now men and women both are offered a safe place to talk about their sexual problems and seek help for them, and there are various sex therapists who will offer you different types of treatments that involve talk therapy or participating in activities as a couple outside the bedroom which strengthens your emotional bond as well as create a deeper connection between you and your partner which reflects in your bedroom.

These are few ways you can enhance the quality of your love life by lasting longer in bed and sweeping your partner off their feet all over again.

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