Generic Lyrica (Pregarica)

Generic Lyrica (Pregarica)

Active Ingredient: Pregarica
Indication: Neuropathic pain and Epilepsy/Seizures
Manufacturer: Healing Pharma, India
Packaging: 10 Capsules in srip
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Generic Lyrica (Pregarica) - 75mg

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Generic Lyrica 150mg (Pregarica) - 150mg

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Generic Lyrica 300mg (Pregagesic) - 300mg

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Buying Generic Lyrica online?

Generic Lyrica, As the FDA has recently approved Generic Lyrica to be sold to the general public you will be able to find Generic Lyrica or Pregabalin and Generic Lyrica which is the tradable version both on the online websites and the e-commerce websites. Still, Generic Lyrica or Pregabalin can be found a lit bit cheaper as it is the version of the medicine.

What is Generic Lyrica?

Generic Lyrica or Pregabalin is an FDA approved drug which was originally used as an anti-epileptic drug also known as anticonvulsant. After intake, it slows down the impulses in the brain that might cause seizures.

It affects the chemical and signal receptors in the brain that gives us a sense of pain and reduces the transmission of the pain signals through the nervous system.

Uses of Generic Lyrica

Generic Lyrica or Pregabalin is used for-

Managing nerve pain due to diabetes

Managing neuralgia which is chronic pain in the nerves

Patients suffering from seizures

Managing fibromyalgia which is acute pain in muscles across various body parts

And, managing nerve pain associated with an injury to the spinal cord

The ideal dosage of Generic Lyrica

Depending on the health condition and the problem like neural pain due to diabetes or spinal cord injury and the level of suffering your doctor may give you the dosage that is just sufficient enough to not cause any major side effects.

Although the ideal dosage for and the conditions are mentioned below. But it is important to note that your doctor may change the dosage as per your requirement and avoid any complications on the body.

Fibromyalgia- the ideal dosage is Generic Lyrica 150 mg/day and could be taken up to 2 times a day.

Diabetic nerve pain- ideal dosage is Generic Lyrica 150mg/day and could be taken up to 3 times a day.

Nerve pain due to spinal cord injury-Generic Lyrica 150mg/day with a maximum intake of 2times per day.

Nerve pain due to shingles-150mg/day with an intake of 2-3/day.

What would happen in case of an overdosage of Generic Lyrica?

Generic Lyrica should only be sued after a consultation with the doctor provided he has given his confirmation. While taking the medicines you should have them as per the time and dosage amount as mentioned in the prescription. Be extremely careful so that you do not take have an overdose.

Even in the unfortunate scenarios where you have had an overdose the symptoms and the side effects depend on how the body reacts to the excess Generic Lyrica in the body. You should immediately give a call to the doctor in case you have had an overdose and also be extremely observant of any side effect that seems to be worsening and causing real problems. If you are having any severe side effects like bleeding, acute muscle pain, blurred vision, extreme level of drowsiness and bleeding visit your doctor immediately.

Precautions to be taken while taking Generic Lyrica

Before taking Generic Lyrica or Pregabalin make sure to tell your doctor about any allergies to  Generic Lyrica. If you have any other allergies inform the doctor. This medicine has substances that can cause allergic reactions to certain people and cause other problems. You can also take the help of pharmacists while buying this medicine.

Inform your doctor about your medical history if you have heart problems whether you have suffered from heart attacks or stroke earlier or have chest pain frequently, any type of kidney diseases that you have, any type of specific allergens that causes allergies which causes gives you a sensation of itching and swelling of the face, lips, throat or if you have any addiction to drugs and alcohol.

A few common side effects of this drug are feeling dizzy, drowsy and having blurred vision or difficulty in identifying the color. If you have an addiction to alcohol or any type of drug e.g. cannabis inform your doctor or try reducing or completely avoiding intake of alcohol and other drugs. This drug should not be used while on the road or driving a car because it can make you feel sleepy and drowsy which can cause accidents.

Generic Lyrica should only be used after a discussion with the doctor regarding all the types of medicines that you are currently using like antibiotics, medicines for health issues and other medicines like body supplements.

During pregnancy, this drug can cause the fetus to damage so make sure you speak with the doctor and take this medicine as a last resort. If your baby is currently breastfeeding you should know that the ingredients of this medicine can pass on to your child through breast milk. So getting the confirmation of a doctor is a must.

If you have missed a dose make sure to take it as soon as you remember it. But if the time elapsed and the next dose is not far away you can skip having the medicine. Take the next dose as per the time and dosage. Don’t double or increase the dosage as it can have side effects.

The idea of taking this medicine is to maintain a constant level of  Generic Lyrica in the body without creating any major side effects.

Keep this medicine in a cool and dry place away from heat, sunlight, and moisture. Keep it away from the reach of children.

Substitutes to Generic Lyrica

Generic Lyrica is an FDA approved medicine and it was previously used only as an anticonvulsant. It was approved for the treatment of fibromyalgia. But due to its widespread success in treating people from neural pain, it has since been used for a variety of nerve-based issues.

The side effects vary from nil to moderate with most people and are successful in lowering the effect of the nerve pain. But if you are not one of these fortunate guys and are having side effects then you should consult your doctor immediately and switch to medicine as per the recommendation is given by the doctor. Don’t take the decision by yourself.

There are many substitutes for   Generic Lyrica or Pregabalin like Gabapentin, Savella, Cymbalta, and Gralise. Out of these four gabapentin and Cymbalta are the most common.

Cymbalta– It is basically used as an antidepressant and used to treat depression and anxiety. It is also used for treating fibromyalgia. Cymbalta should not be used if you have an allergy to duloxetine.

Gabapentin– It is available in the market in its  form as well as in brand names like Neurontin, Gralise, and Horizant. It is used to treat partial seizures and nerve pain typically arising out of shingles infection. It is thus used as an alternative to   Generic Lyrica. Gabapentin is a safe alternative to  Generic Lyrica if you are suffering from side effects from taking  Generic Lyrica medicine.

Side effects of Generic Lyrica consumption

The most common side effects include dizziness, drying of the mouth, constipation problems, low mental concentration, and weight gain. Make to keep a check on these side effects. If these side effects worsen over time you should consult your doctor.

The more serious side effects include blurred vision, unusual bleeding through the nose, confusion, muscle pain in the body and acute weakness, swelling of the arms and the legs, and signs of kidney problems like a low amount of urination. Some people who take anticonvulsants for conditions like suffering from seizures, bipolar disorder, and neural pain may experience mental depression, sudden mood changes, and suicidal thoughts. Tell your doctor if you have sudden mood swings that cause you to change your thoughts and behavior.

Very rarely do people using   Generic Lyrica experience severe allergic reactions. However, allergic reactions including rash, itching, swelling of the face, lips and throat are common. You may also experience sleepiness or have difficulty in breathing.

Always remember that your doctor has prescribed you this medicine because the doctor feels that the positive effects are much higher than those of the side effects. But according to how your body reacts to  Generic Lyrica you may experience moderate to severe side effects. Some people do not have any side effects at all. Make sure to seek immediate medical help if you experience severe side effects.

The working mechanism of Lyrica Reviews

It affects the chemical receptors in the brain and causes them to reduce the number of electrical signals thus avoiding seizures. Thus it can reduce the pain in the nerves.

How to take Generic Lyrica?

Lyrica Review should be taken as prescribed by the doctor. Use the medicine and take the dose at the right quantity and time. The doctor depending upon your body’s reaction to Generic Lyrica may change the amount of dosage from time-to-time.

You can have this medicine in an empty stomach in the morning or after having a meal. Make sure not to crush or break the tablet. Just swallow the tablet with water.

If you are having alcohol or drug addiction then this drug should not be consumed after alcohol consumption or drug intake. It can cause you to feel very drowsy and sleepy. Reduce alcohol and drug consumption to reduce the side effects of this medicine and to avoid other complicated issues. This drug should not be stopped until your doctor recommends you to do so.

What’s the difference between Generic Lyrica and  Generic Lyrica?

Pregabalin is the name of   Generic Lyrica and it is sold under the brand name of  Generic Lyrica. Lyrica is not prescribed by doctors. The only branded version which is  Generic Lyrica is prescribed by doctors for nerve pain-related issues.

So, as you may find it difficult to get Pregabalin in the market from authorized medical stores and online stores. As it is a prescription drug you will not be able to buy  Generic Lyrica without a doctor’s prescription from the medicine stores and online whole sellers.

The option to buy Pregabalin or  Generic Lyrica is open from unknown sources or illegal drug traffickers but you are not sure of the quality and the quantity of the dosage which can be very dangerous. But you may get it cheaply.

But you should only consider buying the  Generic Lyrica from the online or physical medical stores and with a proper recommendation from the doctor to use this medicine.

What is the average price of Generic Lyrica?

The price will vary as per the dosage. It will also vary from one country to another depending on the taxes and the regulations of the pharmaceutical industry. To compare prices of   Generic Lyrica you should check the online stores or visit your nearest pharmaceutical store to get a good idea.

 Pregabalin vs. Generic Lyrica

Pregabalin is the name while  Generic Lyrica is the brand name. There are no other major differences between these two medicines. Both are used for treating pain caused due to nerve injury and have the same constituents. Recently the FDA also approved the Pregabalin for common use that means the doctors can also use Pregabalin which is the version of the medicine to patients for their use. As the Pregabalin is the version, it is a bit cheaper than the branded version  Generic Lyrica.

Is there any drug for Gabapentin?

Gabapentin is itself the medicine. It is considered to be the best alternative for  Generic Lyrica or Pregabalin. Many persons shift to Gabapentin when they face some side effects while using  Generic Lyrica. It is used for the treatment of partial seizures, neuropathic pain. It is also used for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy, postherpetic neuralgia, and central neuropathic pain.  The trade names for this medicine include Neurontin, Gralise and Horizant.


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