Flucort N Cream (Fluocinolone/Neomycin)

Active Ingredient: Fluocinolone
Indication: Allergy symptoms, Bacterial skin infections
Manufacturer: Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Packaging: 20 gm in 1 tube, 30 gm in 1 tube
Strength 20g
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Flucort N Cream (Fluocinolone/Neomycin) - 20g

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What is Flucort N cream?

Flucort N cream contains active chemical ingredients named fluocinolone acetonide which is present in 0.025% w/w in chemical composition.

Another ingredient is Neomycin which is present in 0.5% w/w in composition.

Both active ingredients are used for the treatment of various skin infections.

It is available in topical application. It helps reduce symptoms like inflammation, redness, itching, swelling of the skin, dermatitis, etc.

Flucort N cream is indicated for external application only.

It is indicated for various skin infections like sores, acne, and hair follicle inflammation. Helps in the healing process by shortening the duration of the healing process. Flucort cream is applied in a thin layer on the skin.

This Flucort N cream is mainly indicated for treating steroidal responsive bacterial species or agents which cause infections like psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, eczema, crusting layers, scaly skin lesions, irritation and redness, swelling or inflammation in hair follicles.

Uses of the Flucort N cream

Always consult your doctor and take proper advice and prescription before starting the use of Flucort N cream.

As this cream contains two active ingredients named fluocinolone acetonide and neomycin.

So, this is mainly indicated for the treatment of steroidal-responsive bacterial species or agents causing infections of the skin.

It is used for the treatment of dermatitis, redness, itching, inflammation, psoriasis, eczema, crusting lesion, dry scaly lesion, inflammation in air follicles, acne, etc.

Do not overuse it. Always take proper precautionary measures as provided by the doctor.

Always read the information leaflet provided in the cover box of Flucort N cream.

If you face any side effects or uneasiness, consult your doctor immediately for further information regarding the use of this cream.

Dosage of Flucort N cream

Usually, consult your doctor before using Flucort N Cream.

This cream is applied in a single thin layer as a topical treatment for skin infections.

Do not overuse it.

Read all instructions and directions as provided in the leaflet of the Flucort N cream cover box.

Always avoid contact with your eyes.

If in any case, get into contact with your eyes; wash your eyes properly with plain water.

It is for external applications only.

Do not apply on sensitive areas like armpits or private parts.

Always wash your hands every time before and after the application of Flucort N cream.

It reduces skin inflammation, swelling, redness, and aches.

Precautions for application of Flucort N cream

  • You are not advised to use Flucort N Cream if you have any previous history of allergy due to any topical agent.
  • Take proper precautions if you are applying this cream to any broken skin area or large wound area or any open cut. Take consultation from your doctor before use.
  • Avoid/keep away from sensitive parts like the nose, mouth, and eyes. Do not apply on inner sensitive areas like armpits or private parts. As it is for external applications only.
  • Always read all precautionary measures as provided in the leaflet of Flucort Cream 20gm in the cover box.
  • Use it with every precautionary measure, if you are having any other topical agent for skin infections.
  • Do not use it for a longer time without any medical prescription and guidance.
  • It is not indicated for pregnant women
  • Can indicate proper precautionary guidance in breastfeeding mothers.
  • If you feel any uneasiness or side effects, immediately stop using it and consult your doctor.

Benefits of Flucort N Cream

Flucort N Cream contains two active chemical ingredients named fluocinolone acetonide and neomycin.

Both have different effects on skin infections.

So, it is advised for the treatment of skin infections like dermatitis, eczema, dryness, scaly skin lesion, crusting, acne, inflammation, swelling, inflammation in hair follicles, and psoriasis.

It is beneficial in topical applications.

Apply it in a thin layer in the infected area.

It stops the growth of steroidal-responsive bacterial agents which cause skin infections.

So always consult your doctor before use.

What is the side effect of Flucort N cream?

Flucort N Cream is a topical cream for the treatment of various skin infections caused by bacteria.

Any person can feel various side effects due to topical application which range from common to severe.

Here are some common side effects that can feel by a person during the application of this cream –

  • Drying of skin
  • Itching sensation
  • Irritation
  • Rashes or sometimes skin hives
  • Redness in the applied area
  • Wheezing sounds
  • Thinning of skin
  • Contact dermatitis

This provided list doesn’t carry all side effects. These are some common side effects.

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Frequently asked questions

Q.1 what happens if you use too much dose of Flucort N cream?

As it is direct for external use only, there are null or rare chances of overuse or overdose of Flucort N cream.

Furthermore, overdose or overuse of this medication cream may result in steroidal toxicity in skin layers.

If you accidentally ingested it or get contact with your mouth, nose, or eyes, or open cut, a large wounded area, immediately contact your doctor and take proper consultation.

Till consultation, stop using it as a topical application.

If in case, you applied a large amount of thick layer of Flucort H Cream wipe it out with help of any tissue paper or cotton ball.

Q.2 what if you forget to use Flucort N cream

Always use this Flucort N cream as directed by a doctor.

Always follow all instructions provided in the leaflet of this cream.

As you forget to use this cream, follow your same routine from the next day as soon as you remember.

Follow the same cycle for the next application. You can also consult and take advice from your doctor for further use of Flucort cream. 

Q.3 how does Flucort N cream work?

Flucort N cream contains two active chemical ingredients named fluocinolone acetonide and neomycin.

Fluocinolone acetonide belongs to the corticosteroids class of drugs.

It has anti-inflammatory and anti-pruritus action (anti-itching ).

Fluocinolone acetonide has vasoconstrictive actions.

This inhibits nitric o oxide by inhibiting the nitric oxide synthase enzyme.

This help in decreasing blood flow and inflammation.

It activates natural substances in the skin which help to reduce swelling, itching, and redness of the skin.

Neomycin belongs to the aminoglycoside class of drugs.

It serves bactericidal action (kills bacteria).

This inhibits the synthesis of bacterial proteins which are important for bacterial growth and cause infection by irreversible binding to the smaller subunit of bacterial ribosome (30s ribosomal subunit).

Neomycin is then transported by an active mechanism to bacterial cells and then it will bind to ribosomal receptors which are present on smaller subunits (the 30s) and stop protein synthesis and eventually kill bacteria.

Q.4 how to use Flucort N cream?

Flucort N cream is directed for external application only. Take advice and consult your doctor before use. Do not overuse it. Use it in the advised amount only.

  • Use it in the prescribed amount only
  • Always read the instruction leaflet which is provided in the cover box of Flucort C Cream
  • Do not over-apply in any area.
  • Do not cover the applied area with any cloth or bandage unless it is advised by the doctor.
  • Proper clean the infected area and then apply this cream
  • Apply only a single thin layer which should be free from open wound cuts or large damaged areas.
  • Always avoid direct contact with cream on the injured area of the skin.
  • Ways to wash your hands properly before and after every application of the cream.
  • Keep away from eyes. Wash your eyes immediately.
  • If you applied more amount or a thick layer by mistake, remove the excess amount with any tissue paper or cotton ball.

Q.5 what are the common drug interactions?

As it is direct for the topical external application so there are low or rare chances of drug interactions.

Due to topical application, fewer chances for interaction with other drug functions.

Should use with proper precautions in HIV infections and have some fungal treatment( topical or oral ) like itraconazole,  ketoconazole, and any previous history of measles, mumps, or chicken pox.


Flucort N cream has two active ingredients named fluocinolone acetonide and neomycin.

So, it is advised for the treatment of skin infections like dermatitis, swelling, inflammation of hair follicles, eczema, acne, psoriasis, scaly skin lesion, or crusting lesions.

Always follow proper consultation and advice provided by the doctor.

It is advised only for external use.

Apply it in a thin layer only.

Keep away from contact with eyes, mouth, nose, or other sensitive areas like armpits or private organs.

If you feel any side effects or uneasiness during the application, consult your doctor immediately.

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